How to use Sunbit Buy Now, Pay-Over-Time in Everyware


Everyware has partnered with Sunbit to help you drive more business by letting customers pay for care or services over time with Buy Now, Pay-over-time financing options.


How to Set Up & Use Sunbit Pay-Over-Time with Everyware

1) Apply for Sunbit from with Integration settings link

2) Activate Sunbit with Integration settings toggle

3) Send Invoices & Get Paid with the Sunbit Payment Plan Option

4) View Sunbit Payment Reports 

5) Issue Partial or Full Sunbit Refunds


Step by Step: Sunbit Pay-Over-Time 

1) Apply for Sunbit:

  1. As an Owner for a qualified business type, Log into Everyware 
  2. Go to Settings > Integrations
  3. Scroll to the Connect Sunbit section 
  4. Click Sign Up Now and the Sunbit application window will open
  5. Everyware will pre-fill some of the Sunbit onboarding information from your Business Profile, so check over the application fields carefully, and submit.

⚠️ This feature is only available to Everyware account holders of select business types. If your business qualifies, you will see 'Connect Sunbit' on the Settings > Integrations page of the portal.

📧 If you do not see the Sunbit settings option, contact to request a Sunbit application be enabled for your site.

⚠️If you need to leave your application, please return to the same screen and you can pick up where you left off within 30 days of when you started. After 30 days, you will need to start over with a new application.

2) Activate Sunbit

Once your account is approved, you can start offering Buy Now, Pay-Over-Time to your customers on invoices between $60.00-$10,000.00 (for dental practices up to $20,000.00). The Connect Sunbit section of the Integrations settings page will now show an activation toggle, a link to this Sunbit user guide and a link to the Sunbit Merchant Portal.

  1. Switch the Active toggle On
  2. Start sending invoices with the Pay-over-time option! 

3) Send Invoices & Get Paid with the Sunbit Payment Plan Option

⚠️ To see the Sunbit payment option on an Everyware invoice, the Total Amount must be between $60.00-$10,000.00 (for dental practices up to $20,000.00)

  1. Go to View Payments > Create Invoice
  2. Enter invoice details and send via email or text to your customer
  3. Customer clicks to open the invoice URL, reviews line items, billing, customer details and proceeds to the payment step
  4. Customer selects the 'Pay as low as $x.xx/month with Sunbit' method radio button. If customer clicks on the ℹ️ Information icon next to the Sunbit logo, they may preview some detailed information about the "as low as" prediction. 
    • Customer clicks Choose My Plan button at the bottom of the page and the Sunbit Flexible Monthly Payments window appears.
    • Customer enters their phone number to verify their identity and proceeds to apply for their plan.
    • Customer's preliminary approval amount is confirmed and they may proceed to the plan and down payment steps.
    • Customer selects from available plan options and clicks Continue
    • Customer provides down payment information where a bank-issued debit card is required for payment
    • Customer enters Social Security Number to finalize loan agreement and is presented with a final review page on which they click Authorize & Complete Purchase
    • Customer sees a Thank you page and is redirected to the Everyware Success page, where they may print their final purchase receipt or close the browser tab.
  5. Once the payment is complete an email will be sent to the customer as well as the Everyware account holder (the email address used in the Sunbit Merchant Application).

👍 Customers are approved on average for Sunbit payment options in 30 seconds

👍 No hard credit check is required* for customer Sunbit applications. That’s right applications won't impact customer credit scores. 


4) View Sunbit Payment Reports

Once a Sunbit payment method is used to pay an invoice, you will see transaction details in the View Payments page of Everyware. Notice:

  • Payment Type: Invoice
  • Payment Method: BNPL, which stands for Buy Now Pay Later
  • Account Type: Sunbit

👆 You may use the table Filter tool to narrow your view only BNPL payment types.

📊 Owners can also see your business' Sunbit related data in the Sunbit Partner Merchant Portal by clicking on the link from the Sunbit section of your  Settings > Integrations page

In the Sunbit Partner Portal, you can track, measure, and manage your revenue and performance success with Sunbit. The Sunbit Dashboard provides a comprehensive snapshot of your business’s top line revenue and performance metrics, visibility into more detailed reports, as well as marketing tools and assets to best engage and reach more customers in need of your services.

5) Issue Sunbit Payment Refunds 

⚠️ You can refund Sunbit payments as long as the remaining amount after the refund is $50.00 or more. Otherwise a full refund must be initiated.  Ex: If your post-refund amount comes to $40, the partial refund with Sunbit will fail and you must instead void the entire amount.

To refund a Sunbit payment in full

  1. Go to View Payments and find the transaction you wish to refund.
  2. Click on Refund
  3. Enter the full amount of the payment to be refunded

To partially refund (i.e. adjust) a Sunbit payment

  1. Go to View Payments and find the transaction you wish to adjust.
  2. Click on Refund 
  3. Enter the partial amount of the payment to be refunded

*Subject to approval based on creditworthiness. Payment due at checkout. 0-35.99% APR. Example: A $885.00 purchase with 28.99% APR, $133.38 down payment and a 6-month term would have monthly payments of $136.09 and a total cost of $949.93. Terms may vary. A 3-month 0% APR plan is available for all approved customers. 6- through 18-month plans with interest are also available. Not available in VT, WV, or WY. Account openings and payment activity are reported to a major credit bureau. See Rates and Terms for loan requirements and state restrictions. Sunbit Now, LLC is licensed under the CT Laws Relating to Small Loans (lic. # SLC-1760582 & SLC-BCH-1844702); NMLS ID 1760582. Loans are made by Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc., dba TAB Bank, which determines qualifications for and terms of credit.

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