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Steps to Set Up a Text Us Widget on your Website 

Place a Text Us Widget on your website that allows customers to enter their phone number and receive a custom text reply from your Everyware account by following these steps: 

1. Ask your Everyware Rep to enable the Text Us Widget for your account
2. Configure your widget in Settings > Invoices
3. Copy widget code and paste into your website HTML header 

Configuring Text Us Settings in the Portal

Use the default styling or customize the look and feel of your Text Us widget before copying the embed code to place on your website.

You can use the default Everyware branded dark or light widget styling or customize colors for the following  elements of your Text Us widget:

  • Text Us Button Background 
  • Text Us Button Font 
  • Pop Up Background
  • Pop Up (Page) Font
  • Pop Up (Page) Background & Icons
  • Pop Up Button Font 
Either type or paste in the hexadecimal color codes into the corresponding fields OR pick the required color using the color picker and the corresponding # color will populate


Edit and save the auto reply message template that will send from your account’s Messaging Number to contacts that enter their mobile number in the Enter Number pop up window of your widget.

The default auto reply message will be, "Hi from [BusinessName]! Thanks for the text. How can we help you today?"

Highlight over it, type the message you prefer and click Save and Update Code to update your overall widget code before testing or embedding to your website.

⚠️ Message must be 140 characters or less.
⚠️ Emojis are not supported in automatic SMS templates.



Installing the Widget on Your Website

When you are finished customizing all elements click the save your updates, copy the code, test it and save it to your site's HTML.

Click the **Copy Embed Code** button to copy the updated code to your clipboard. 

After testing and configuring your code to achieve the desired result, paste the final widget code into your website HTML heading.


Configuring Text Us Widget Code Directly 

For more custom style sheet details, control and technical troubleshooting tips, point your website developer to the Text Us Widget developer guide.

Manage Incoming Text Us Messages & Contacts

When a customer enters their phone number in the Text Us widget form... 
💬  They will receive the custom Text Us widget auto message and the text message conversation will appear in the main Messages page of the Everyware portal.
🗣️ The contact will be added to your sales site's new Text Us Contact List
⚠️ If you move a contact from the Text Us list to another managed contact list in your portal, future messages will appear in the message history based on that contact's phone number. If the same customer uses Text Us again later on, they will appear again in the Text Us contact list. We recommend checking contact records to make sure the new customer you're texting with from the Text Us origin does not already exist on another list, so you can provide the best customer service responses possible. 
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