How to Create an SMS Auto-Update Workflow 


Steps to Create an SMS Auto-Update Workflow 

You can invite contacts to subscribe to automatic SMS updates by keyword with the Auto Updates SMS Automation Workflow feature in Everyware. This is an excellent way to alert the contacts who wish to be included on inclement weather updates, important announcements, new product or service offerings. 

1. Create SMS Template Invite to Opt In 

2. Create SMS Template Yes to Opt Into X SMS Updates 

3. Add a contact List "X SMS Updates" 

4. Add a new Automation named, "X Auto Updates" with description "When a contact replies to an SMS campaign message with a designated keyword, they will receive  contact is added to the 'X SMS Updates' Contact List

5. Add Initial Trigger Action 'Keyword Match (EXACT). Type out keywords that contacts can text to opt-in, separated by commas. 

7. Toggle OFF 'Once per 24 hours'

8. Add Next Action, type 'Add Contact To List', Select the list you created from Available List dropdown menu

9. Select the Message Template you created from the Message Template dropdown list. 

10. Click 'Save Changes' and test your automation


💡Include every possible keyword variation you can think of.  Example, "Golf, golf, GOLF, gofl," etc. 


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