How can I accept Everyware Payments in my WooCommerce Shop?

Steps to Connect Everyware & WooCommerce

You may accept credit and debit card payments from your WooCommerce storefront by installing the Everyware Payment Plugin in a few simple steps. 

  1. Download the 📂Everyware for WooCommerce V3.0.7 .zip file
  2. Open WordPress, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload
  3. Upload your Everyware Plugin Zip File 
  4. Finish Setup in WooCommerce > Settings > Payments 
  5. Manage / Finish Setup > Paste Everyware API credentials  from Everyware portal or email to request them 
  6. Test and go live! 
Update: The Everyware for WooCommerce plugin now includes integrated refunds directly from your WooCommerce Orders page for a further streamlined workflow. 


Detailed installation and testing instructions with user screenshots below. 


Install & Configure Your Everyware Payment Plugin

1. Download the 📂Everyware for WooCommerce V3.0.7 .zip file

2. In Wordpress Admin, go to Plugins > and click Add New (or click the Upload button at the top right of the Plugins page)


3. Upload the Everyware for WooCommerce zip file that you just downloaded by browsing to it or drag and drop it into Wordpress. It should take just a moment to install and activate. 



4. Once installed, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments tab.


  • Find the Everyware plugin in your list of Payment Methods and click "Finish Setup" or "Manage"


5. In Everyware > Settings > Integrations : Copy your Username and API Key, then paste into the WooCommerce Plugin Everyware Username and Everyware Token (API Key) fields. 

6.  Test and Go Live! 

  • To test a payment without exposing the Everyware plugin to customers on your live storefront, check the Test Mode box before saving 
  • Test a payment on your website while still logged in as a Wordpress Admin. An order with a  successful payment will appear as 'Processing'  in the WooCommerce Orders list. Paid transactions will appear in the Everyware > Payments > View Payments as Charge status. 
  • Refund the payment by clicking on the order and then click Refund > Refund with Everyware. Refunded transactions will appear in the Everyware > Payments > View Payments as Refund status.
  • Uncheck Test Mode in the Everyware WooCommerce plugin settings when you're ready to make the payment form visible to customers.  


Processing Storefront Payments

Your store's checkout page will show the Pay with Card option when the plugin is enabled. Place a test order to make sure the payment and order statuses work as expected.

A WooCommerce Order status will appear as Pending Payment until the customer abandons their cart or the payment is processed successfully. 

👉 Note if you test with a test credit card the order will always show as Pending Payment and cannot be refunded. 

When payment is successful, the checkout order confirmation page will populate and the order status in WooCommerce will appear as Processing


The Everyware payment status will show a paid transaction from WooCommerce as a Virtual Terminal Payment Type with the status Charge


Issuing Refunds

You may refund the order from WooCommerce Orders once it has been paid. Open the order details and click the Refund button.


You may adjust the amount to refund by changing the line item quantities/totals to populate the refund amount you wish to issue. When the total amount to refund looks right, click Refund $___ via Everyware

You'll be prompted to confirm you want to issue the refunds and cannot undo the action. Click OK to finish.



Once refunded in WooCommerce, the transaction will appear in Everyware > Payments > View Payments with the status Refund 




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