How to Charge Custom Fees on Invoices


You can add custom fees to your invoices under using the Add Custom Fee tool in Everyware with these steps: 

1. Go to Settings > Invoices

2. Toggle On Add Custom Fee

3. Select the Fee Type, Description, Rate, (Method or Contact Field if applicable)

4. Save


Custom Invoice Fee Settings Walkthrough

1. Go to Settings > Invoices 


2. Toggle On Add Custom Fee


3. Click on Add Fee and the Add Custom Fee window will open


3. Select the Fee Type you want to add to your pay by text invoices. 

a) Standard: Applies fees to all customer pay by text invoices

b) Payment: Applies fees based on payment method type

c) Individual: Applies fee to specific customers


4. Update the Display Name.  The name that will appear on invoices.


5.  Set either a Flat fee or a percentage Rate fee
a) Flat Fee: The flat rate amount you want added to the invoice as the custom fee. You may set up both a flat fee and a percentage rate fee on the same invoice.
b) Rate: The percentage rate of the total you want added to the invoice as the custom fee
⚠️ Put a 0 in the field for the fee rate you do NOT wish to use to save and close. 
Custom Payment Fees apply depending on the payment method the customer selects in the Pay by Text checkout process: ACH or Credit Card. It is not calculated into the invoice's Purchase Price or initial Total Amount Due. 
⚠️ Custom Payment Fee is automatically calculated into total when payment is made, you can only have one credit card fee at a time. If you add a new card fee it automatically deletes the old one from the list.
Select the Custom Field for your site's contact profiles that will determine which contacts are charged the Custom Individual Fee when they're invoiced. 
a) Custom Field 1
b) Custom Field 2 
⚠️ Active the Custom Fields in the Settings > Custom Fields tab. 
6. Click Add Fee
In the Custom Fees table on the Invoices page, you will now see your active fees.

Custom Fees Table 

a) Actions column allows you to delete a fee. You may delete and create new fees from here but cannot edit an active fee. 
b) Method column shows you where the Custom Fee will appear.
⚠️Custom Fees set on the Invoices settings page will NOT apply to invoices sent with the Quick Pay, Virtual Terminal or on Hosted Payment Pages. 


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