How to Charge Custom Fees


You can add different types of custom fees to your sales site's invoices under Settings>Miscellaneous using the Add Custom Fee feature.


Toggle On/Off Add Custom Fee: If toggled on, all fees in the table will be enabled for the sales site according to each fee's settings.

Display Name: Fee name that shows up on the invoice line item
Flat Fee: The flat rate amount you want added to the invoice as the custom fee. You may set up both a flat fee and a percentage rate fee on the same invoice.
Rate: The percentage rate of the total you want added to the invoice as the custom fee
Action: Actions you can take for the Custom Fee settings row. Currently, you may only Delete a Custom Fee.
Method: Where the Custom Fee will appear. Ex: If CustomField1="ChargeMe" then the fee will appear in both the Create Invoice setup window and will show on the customer's PBT as applicable.
Type: There are 3 Types of Custom Fees available: 
  • Standard Custom Fee: Automatically added in Create Invoice
  • Payment Custom Fee: Custom Fee is automatically calculated into total when payment is made, you can only have one credit card fee at a time. If you add a new card fee it automatically deletes the old one from the list.
  • Individual Custom Fee: Can be charged by individual customer
Add Fee: Pop up will open allowing you to add a new Custom Fee.
Note: Custom Fees won't apply to invoices sent with the Quick Pay feature. 
Example: Custom *Payment* Fee applied when Customer Selects Credit Card payment method on Pay by Text screens. 


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