Master Account Businesses Overview

Master Sales Site Owners can access to the Master Account Businesses page view, where they can view and search across a table of their sub-accounts. 


Steps to View Sub-Accounts

1. As an Owner staff type, log into Everyware

2. Go to the B "Businesses" page from the left-hand navigation menu

3. Type the business name or Sales Site ID (SSID) into the Search Bar

4. From the table, click the hyperlinked Business Name to view the account's Business Profile, Staff, Activity Notes and Payments Report


Steps to Impersonate Sub-Account Staff

If you want to look deeper into an account's activity, you can impersonate one of the Owners. 

1. Go to the Staff tab from the business' detail view

2. Find an Owner staff type in the list and click 'Impersonate' on that row

3. When in 'Impersonation mode' you will see the End Impersonation button at the top right-hand side of the page. 

4. Click the Settings icon in the left-hand menu to view settings from the impersonated staff's point of view.

⚠️ Since you started your impersonation from a Business Profile settings view in your master account, you'll need to switch over to Settings view as the impersonated staff to reset. Make sure you're seeing the sub-account Business Profile information and not your master account information. 





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