Quick Pay

The Quick Pay button in the View Payments page of Everyware allows merchants to text an invoice to a new or existing contact with one line item only, for only the amount they key in, right away.


👆 Quick Pay invoices do not include custom fee line items or discounts. They will only show one line item for the the amount that was typed into the Amount field in the Quick Pay pop up.  


When you open the Quick Pay pop up, you may edit the pre-populated default Total Due and enter an Invoice ID after choosing or adding a customer to text. If you don't enter an invoice ID, Everyware will generate one automatically. Send and your pay by text will send right away. 



Your customer will receive a pay by text with the Quick Pay line item and price entered. 


Quick Pay Settings

You'll find a QuickPay service under Payments > Services that will be named [BusinessName] Payment by default.


Click on the name of the QuickPay item in the Services page table to edit. You can change the Service Name, Description and default Cost then click Update Service to see changes reflected in the table and on Quick Pay pay by text invoices.


Hiding the Quick Pay Button

Each staff person with Payment Settings access can show or hide the Quick Pay button from view on the View Payments page. Open your staff profile by clicking on your initials or photo at the top right of the page, then choose View Profile from the dropdown. In the Edit Staff pop up navigate to the Payment Settings Tab. 

  • Toggle the Access Quick Pay button ON to show the Quick Pay button on the View Payments page next to the Create Invoice button (and others, if applicable)
  • Toggle the Access Quick Pay button OFF to hide the Quick Pay button from view. 




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