How to Create & Launch Campaigns

Below is a Step by Step guide to creating and launching campaigns. You'll need to upload contacts, craft your SMS messaging, create your campaign & launch.

Step 1. Upload Contacts

To upload a list of your customers, the required fields in the system are First Name, Last Name, and Cell phone. Customer information can be imported by either an Excel Spreadsheet or a CSV file.

You can import your contacts in Everyware under the “Contacts” Icon, and then select “Import Contacts”.



Add Contacts to a List

Contacts can be segregated by “Lists” to specify the contact type. For example, lists will be beneficial for launching mass text campaigns. You will be able to pick which contact list you want to send certain messages to, update about events, ETC.

To add contacts to a list, go to “Manage List” and import your contact sheet to the appropriate list.



Step 2. Adding your Campaign SMS message.

Once you have crafted your message for your upcoming campaign, you can save it in the system as an “SMS Template”. This will save your message for future use. To add your Campaign Messages, simply click your “Messages” icon and then click “SMS Templates”

Once you’re on the SMS Templates page, click “Add SMS Templates”.


Name your template in reference to the message you’re crafting. Note: You may use our Custom Field Picker when crafting the message to pull in customer information. For example, the Custom Field Picker [CUSTOMERFIRSTNAME] will pull in each individual contacts first name when they receive your text.

Type your message in the “Text Message” field and click “save changes”.


Step 3. Launching Campaigns

To access campaigns, click the “Campaigns” icon and then “Add Campaign”



The following Fields are required to launch your campaign.

  • Campaign Name:  Name your campaign. Typically something in reference to the goal of the Text Campaign.
  • Expiration Date: This means that a contact will not be eligible to receive another campaign for that amount of days. You can back date the expiration date as well.
  • List:  Choose which “List” you would like to add to the campaign to ensure this group of contacts receives your message. (See Step 1.)
  • Date:  The day you would like your campaign to be sent.
  • Time:  The Time you would like your campaign to be sent. (Campaigns are sent based on the Time zone your account was set up in, EST, MDT, ETC)
  • SMS Template/Message: Choose your message. (See Step 2.)

Before launching, you can either save your campaign and launch at a later date, preview contacts, or preview the text. Once you have all the information filled in correctly, simply hit “Launch Campaign”.

The campaign is now active and will be sent based on the time and day you have chosen.


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