How do I load contacts and send them an SMS campaign?

Video Walkthrough: How to create & send an SMS Campaign

You want to send a text message to a list of contacts with specific criteria at once. Here are steps to load those contacts with the custom information you want to include in the outgoing text, and how to manage all of the replies. 


Format Your Contact List 

1. View Contacts

2. Import Contacts

3. Download the Contact List Template 

4. Delete unnecessary columns on the spreadsheet 

5. Add the Custom Field 1 (or 2,3,4, etc) column to your sheet and paste the specific data into that column if applicable

6. Paste First Name, Last Name, Cell Phone, Email, and Custom Field 1 data (if applicable) into the spreadsheet columns

7. Name and save the file


Upload Your Contact List

1. in Everyware > View Contacts > Import Contacts > Browse Files browse to the formatted contact list file you just made > Open

2. An icon will appear in the Import Contacts window with "Success" beneath it. Click on Next Step


3.  Match up the column names with field names from the dropdown menus. Remember to scroll all the way to the right so you don't forget to match up any fields. (Especially if you're using a custom field.) Click Next Step


4. Name the list and click Next Step.


5. A success screen will appear telling you how many contacts you added to your account. 


Craft Your Message

1. Messages Menu > SMS Templates 

2. Click on + Add SMS Template

3. Name your SMS Template. Tip: Since you're using it for a campaign, name it whatever you're naming the campaign. mceclip3.png

4. Leave Template Type as SMS/MMS. The other option is 'Note' for creating internal note templates your team can leave one another but you don't need right now.

5. You can use the Custom Field Picker to save some time and personalize the campaign.  Here's an example message using some Custom Fields. There are many others in your site's default SMS template list. 

Hello, [CUSTOMERFIRSTNAME] I see you're curious about our [CUSTOMFIELD1] offering. Would you like to chat more? Reply here if you have any questions. Thanks - Customer Service

(Check out definitions for custom/dynamic field options in  in the dynamic field glossary help article.)

6. Save Changes


Load SMS into New Campaign

1. Go to Campaigns > Add Campaign


2. Name the campaign

3. Select an expiration date in the future

4. Choose the contact list you uploaded and named earlier 

5. Skip tags, payment and appointment fields this time

6. Select the date and time you want this SMS campaign to launch

7. Select the SMS template you created from the dropdown list 

8. Send yourself a preview of the text first, just to be sure you like how it comes across on your phone by entering your number in the SMS Preview Number field > Preview Text


9. Launch Campaign - It will send at the launch date and time you specified

--- You can also Save Campaign if you need to leave and come back later -----

To return and launch: Campaigns > Saved Campaigns > Edit


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