How do I accept Partial Payments from customers?

You may allow customers to pay partial amounts due on invoices you send them from Everyware, i.e. 'Pay Other Amount' will appear on invoice links and a customer can type in the number they want to pay.

Here is how to turn on this capability for your business.  

  1. Go to Settings > Open the Miscellaneous Tab 
  2. Turn on the Allow Partial Payment toggle 
  3. Click Save Changes


Notice: When Convenience Fees are toggled on, your customers will not be able to make partial payments. This system rule was created to prevent customers from paying an amount below the minimum convenience fee amount owed. 

Now, when you send invoices to customers they'll see the "Pay Other Amount" field under the Total Due section on invoices.  They can enter the amount they wish to pay and the Pay ____ total button at the bottom of the invoice page will update to the amount they enter. 


After the customer pays, they'll receive a Thank you text message for their payment and the transaction will appear on the table in Payments > View Payments with 'Yes' in the Partial Payment column.




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