How do I add a company logo to my invoices?

You can customize your invoice logo image and background color in the Settings pages of your site by following these steps: 

1. Turn on Custom Invoice Branding in Settings > Invoices 

2. Upload Company Logo in Settings > Profile 

If you do not use the custom logo feature in Everyware for your invoices, they will have a security shield icon and blue background by default. 

Custom Invoice Branding & Logo Walkthrough

1) Turn on custom invoice branding

  • Go to Settings > Invoices 
  • Toggle on use personalized logo with Pay by Textmceclip0.png
  • Set the custom background color (optional) - Save

2) Upload your logo

  • Go to Settings > Profile 
  • Scroll to Company Logo section and click Choose File
  • Find and upload your logo file
  • Save Company Logo 


To see how it looks, you can send your self a Pay by Text message or open a payment URL from inside a customer message that has yet to be paid. Just highlight the payment link from the message and open in a new tab.  Close before following through on the payment steps though :). 


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