Messages Report

Use the Messages Report function to see detailed reports of your messaging and payment activity side-by-side. The data provided in this module can be very valuable for setting and measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

1) Go to Messaging > Messages Report 

2) Set your Agent, Campaign, Tag and/or Date filters 

3) Click Apply to wait for your results to generate. 

4) View report table and click summary tiles to view real-time details


Messages Report Walkthrough

1) Go to  Messaging >  Messages Report

2) Adjust the Start and End Dates to see message data for the time period of interest and click Apply


3) Resulting messages will appear in a table below colored KPI tiles on the page. The table provides the following data for all of the messages that occurred during the applied timeframe. From here you can sort, filter, analyze and export the data further.


Messages Report Table 

  • Name: Contact's First and Last Name
  • Campaign: Name of the campaign from which the message was sent, if applicable.
  • Link: The URL that was included in the message, if applicable. 
  • Amount: The amount paid by text if paid with the pay by text link showing, if applicable.
  • Invoice: The Invoice Number i.e. Order Number for the invoice included in the pay by text, if applicable.
  • Card Type: The type of card used to make the payment from the texted invoice, if applicable. Ex: Master Card, AMEX, Discover, Visa
  • Clicked: Yes or No, was the link texted clicked by the recipient, whether a pay by text link or any other type of URL. 
  • Pad: Yes or No, did the contact use the invoice link texted to complete a payment? This factors into the Conversion (PBT) rate shown in the tile above the page's table. 
  • Date Paid: If Paid shows as Yes, the date the payment made.
  • Date Sent: Date the message was texted or received. 

Messages Report Summary Tiles 

Drill in for more details by clicking on each page tile to open Detail Reports. Your Detail report options are: 

  1. Total Messages Delivered Details 
  2. Total Conversations Held
  3. Total Conversations with PBT
  4. Total No deliverable Messages
  5. Total Opt Out Messages
  6. Total Links Sent
  7. Total Links Clicked
  8. Link Click Rate
  9. Inbound Response Time
  10. Outbound Response Time 

You can search within and export data tables from within each Detail pop up. If you click on the Total Messages tile, the pop up window count may not match identically until the system has updated. The data in the pop up is current, updated in real-time. 


Total Messages Delivered Detail Report 

This report shows messages delivered volume, by hour. It excludes messages to non-deliverable phone numbers. These data may help you with strategic staffing and campaign scheduling. 

Based on the most common times of day your messages are being delivered you may: Need to adjust staffing to spread out your messaging activity more evenly? Need to strategically reschedule daily inbox monitoring or turn on staff alerts so messages are seen and responded to faster? 



Pay by Text Conversion Detail Report 

This report shows the messages with contacts who received, clicked, and paid by text through the link you sent.  These data may help you with strategic payment collection planning. 

When reviewing PBT Conversion metrics, consider:  Is our pay by text conversion rate rising over time as we increase two-way messaging engagement with our customers? Do we need to communicate with our customers more through additional engagement channels to advertise and reinforce the pay by text option? 


Opt-Outs Detail Report 

This report shows the messages with contacts who asked to opt out from receiving SMS communication with the company. These data may help you with strategic payment channel planning or customer success improvements.

When reviewing Opt-Out metrics, consider: Are customers opting out after receiving a pay by text link because they're already set up to pay for products and services by a different method such as cash, check, auto-pay? Are customers opting out because they're displeased with the company's products or services? Are customers opting out because they don't recognize the number texting them?  Are customers opting out because the wrong number is on file? If so, gather updated contact information from the intended recipient(s)? 


Large Message Reports 

When a report for a large amount of data is available, a notification email will be sent to the user's email address to let you know.  

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