Where can I view all messages at once?

You can manage all of the messages and toss in some quick actions around contacts your engaged in conversations with all from one one place. Here's how. 

1. Messages > View Messagingmceclip0.png2. Left column shows the MESSAGES tab by default, which includes all customers currently engaged in SMS conversations with staff


    • Tab to Closed to see conversations staff have closed out (hidden away for now)
    • Tab to My Messages to see only conversations held by the staff person currently logged in (you)
    • Tab to All to see every conversation; yours, closed convos, and current convos
  1. Middle column shows the conversation with the customer you currently have selected from the Left column



Send that customer a new message in the MESSAGE: Enter your message here! box. It will appear in blue in the conversation bubble exchange above the box when you click the send arrow. To send and then close that conversation (move it to the Closed tab) all at the same time, click the send arrow with + and X next to it instead.


Use the NOTE tab to enter an internal activity note about that contact for other staff members. When you hit Save Note, your note will appear in gold between the conversation bubbles above. Only staff see these bubbles.


Quickly apply a contact tag that contact's profile with the Quick Tag icon


Plop in an SMS reply template using the Quick Reply Template (paper) icon


Select a dynamic custom field to include in your message with the Quick Dynamic Fields (bolt) icon


Attach media with the Quick Media Attach (paperclip) icon


Save a new Activity record to the contact's profile with the Quick Activity Update (clock) icon


Close out that conversation with the Quick Close (X) icon. i.e. tuck it away in the Closed tab on the left for now.


Create and text a secure invoice link on the fly to the customer you're texting with, using the the Quick Invoice button (credit card) icon. 

3. Right column shows the profile summary of the contact you're currently texting with

    • Edit to open and edit their full profile page
    • View all to see every Activity record saved for this contact
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