How to Edit Auto Messages


Step by Step guide:

  1. Select “Messaging Icon”
  2. Select “Auto messages”
  3. Select the Auto Message you would like to view/edit.
  4. Edit your message in the “SMS Text Body”
  5. Click Save Preferences

Tip: All Auto Messages include a brief description of its functionality at the top of the page.


Step by Step Walkthrough with Pictures:

To edit an auto message, click on 'Auto Messages' from the 'Appointments' drop-down menu. To use an email notification make sure you enable the 'Email' switch at the top of the screen. 


Select the Auto Message from the dropdown you wish to edit & fill in the business reply to name and email with the name and email the customer will see.


You can then edit the body of the email in the text box below. Make sure you keep anything in [brackets] to pull in any custom fields.

 To use a text message, make sure you enable the 'SMS Text” switch. Now you can edit the body of the automated text and click “Save Preferences”.


Note: Any custom fields 1-7 can be added and the service name will pull into this field [APPOINTMENTSERVICE].

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