How do I add a new SMS campaign?

You've already identified the contacts and list you want to text in Contacts > Manage Lists. And you've already drafted the text message you want to send in SMS Templates. Great! Now it's time to create, save, test, and send your message to the contacts you lined up i.e. add a Campaign. 

  1. Go to the Campaigns Menu, select Add Campaign
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    • ☝🏼 You can also view all campaigns you've launched or saved to launch in the future from this drop down list.
  2.  Fill in all of the required fields  for your campaign:
    • ***Campaign Name : We suggest Naming it to Match the SMS Template Name with a Date to find easily later in your lists of past campaigns and messages.
    • Expiration Date* : The date the campaign will end
    • ***List: The Contact List(s) containing all of the contacts you wish to recieve the message. You can narrow the contacts for the campaign further by pulling contacts by Tags in the next field down. 
    • ***SMS Message: From the drop down, select the SMS Template you made to send for this campaign. You can edit the message after selecting it in the Campaign SMS Message field, but we recommend editing it in SMS Templates first for consistency. 
    • ***Save, Save, Save! : Once saved, this campaign will appear under Campaigns > Saved Campaigns. It won't launch at the scheduled date and time until you click Launch Campaign.

⚠ It's best to Save, then preview the message by sending it to your phone number using the SMS Preview Number field, then Launch Campaign once you are sure you like it. ⚠

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