How do I confirm or edit my business info?

The settings on a business profile apply in different ways across functions in your Everyware site. For example, the Doing Business As (DBA) field in the business profile is also the name of the business that shows in Pay by Text receipts and email invoices.

Only a Business Owner user type can change the settings for a business/site in Everyware. As a Business Owner, log into Everyware and go to your business profile page ...

  1. Settings (Gear Tab)> Business Profile page
  2. Update the fields you want to change 
  3. Save changes by clicking blue 'Update Business' button
  4. Check, update, save settings in Miscelaneous tab

Required fields have an * beside them. You won't be able to "Update Business" (save changes) to your profile if you leave a required field blank. 

Key settings for your business located in the Miscelaneous tab will dictate how some of your site functions work. For example: If you upload a company logo on the Profile tab, it won't show on invoices until you've toggled on the custom invoice capability in the Misc. tab. 


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