How do I confirm or edit my business info?

Business Profile Settings

Owners can update their business' information in the site settings. As a Business Owner, follow these steps.

  1. Settings >  Profile page
  2. Update the fields you want to change 
  3. Save changes by clicking blue 'Update Business' button

You may update the legal name, Doing Business As (DBA) name, phone number, address, time zone, industry type, owner contact information, and tax ID in the site's Profile settings. 


You won't be able to save changes to your profile if you leave a required field blank. Required fields have an * beside them. 


Messaging & Call Forward Number

You may also update the number that rings when a customer attempts to dial your site's Mobile number assigned for text messaging. Most business owners opt to use their main customer service phone line here, or the Main Phone number from the profile. 




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