Payment Terminal Start Up Guide (Wireless)

Everyware supports wired and wireless integrated terminals for merchants to accept in-person payments at the point of sale. For startup instructions on the wired payment terminal, see Payment Terminal Startup Guide (Wired)

👆 A merchant must be approved for card present processing in order for Everyware to provision and process payments through integrated terminals. Please contact your sales representative to see if your account is approved for card present processing.

Steps to Set Up Your Integrated (Wireless) Payment Terminal

Follow these quick steps to start using your integrated Link 2500 Ingenico payment terminal. 

1. Power on the device by holding the Green button
2. Enter  0 0 0 1 on the PINpad reader to reach the Admin Menu
3. Scroll to Communication Type > Select Option 4 - WIFI
4. Return to Admin Menu >  Select Option 2 - WIFI Parameters>Select  Option 2 - Scan Networks 
5. Select desired wifi network > Enter Password > See New Profile OK
6. Confirm Connection

Ingenico Link 2500 Set Up  Step by Step

1. Hold down Green button to power on the device:
👆 On initial start‐up, you must charge the battery for 16 hours. If the device does not power on, ensure the device is fully charged with the USB-C cable provided. 

Link2500 Terminal 1 w EW Logo.png

2. Enter  0 0 0 1 on the PINpad reader to reach the Admin Menu

3. Inside the Admin Menu, Use F2 and F3 function keys to scroll. Select Communication Type > Inside the Communication Type menu, select Option 4 - WIFI

4. Navigate back to the Admin Menu using the Yellow back button. Inside the Admin Menu, select option 2 - WIFI Parameters > Inside the Wifi Parameters menu, select option 2 - Scan Networks 
5. In the list of available networks nearby >  Select the network you wish to configure your device with > Enter the network password (if requested) > See New Profile OK message > Return to the Admin Menu.
6. Confirm your device is connected to your wifi network > from the Admin Menu > Select Option 2 Wi-Fi Parameters > Select Option 3 My Networks > See "Connected" next to desired network in list of previously saved networks. If the previously selected network is online, the word "connected" will be under the network name.

👆 If this is the first time setting up the device with a Wifi network or a code is not shown on the device, you may need to restart the device > hold the left green button and the yellow button above it at the same time for about one second until the ‘Shutdown In Progress’ screen is shown > Hold down the green button to power back on. 

7. Exit the Admin Menu by using the yellow back button or the red cancel button.


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