Quick Videos to Get Started

Below are a few videos to help you get started using the Everyware portal. Learn about your business settings, how to view payments reports, how to refund a payment, how to send a text message, and where to view withdrawal reporting. If you have further questions regarding each of the topics, simply search for the topic you're looking for here in our help center.


Welcome to the Portal - Intro to your Business Settings

1. Go to portal.everyware.com and login using your email address and password

2. Go to Settings -> View Settings

3. Click through each tab enabled for your site


How to View Payment Data & Reports

1. Go to Payments -> View Payments

*View a summary of transaction data through the tiles at the top of the page and more detailed transaction data through the payments table (you can adjust the columns showing, filter, and export the data from this page.)

2. View additional payments reports by going to Payments -> Payments Reporting


How to Refund a Payment

1.  Go to Payments -> View Payments

2. Click Refund inside the Refund column

3. Select Full Refund or Partial Refund then click the blue Refund button


How to Send a New Text Message

1. Go to Messaging -> View Messaging

2. Search for the contact you want to text in the top left search bar inside the left hand column

3. Click on the name and the message exchange with the contact will appear in the middle column

4. Enter the message & hit the send arrow 

*Your message exchange with the contact will show in the middle column & will now appear alongside all other open conversations in the View Messaging page. 


How to View Withdrawal Reports

1. Go to Payments -> Payments Reporting

2. Select the Withdrawals tab

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